10/29/18 Melissa founded a new coop, Worker Bees. Membership is by request - COOP TAG #WR3ZVN

Thanks to an overflow of chat bots that hijacked the forum, I closed it down today (10/7/18). Sorry for the inconvenience, but the time and effort it would take to wrangle the 15,000 bogus users just wouldn't be efficient. I'm considering a Facebook group... there's pros and cons to that of course. 

Here's the rules I copied from the forum before shutting it down.

OUR COMMON GOAL: To win great prizes and seasonal rewards in Gold League regatta through rewarding teamwork with a fun coop! 

HOW WE GET THERE, FAST: Temporary Strategy Only used if we happen to fall into Silver league:

  • ONLY THOSE PLAYERS WHO FEEL CONFIDENT THEY CAN FINISH WITH 1500+ POINTS OPT IN. This will get us back to Gold quickly and off to strong start. If you are not certain you can finish with at least 1500 points during Silver League weeks (12 tasks x 130), please opt-out that week and do everything you can to assist with helps and cheering in the group chat. We got this!

Rules for the long haul, subject to change and change again as we get better and better.

  • Minimum Tasks - Completing at least 7 tasks remains our minimum requirement, but there's a distinction between a minimum and a goal. The minimum should not be your personal goal at the outset of a race. The minimum simply serves as a guideline by which we hold team members accountable. If you're not sure you can complete the bare minimum of 7 tasks in a given week, opt-out and support the racers though helps and encouragement. Opting out is always allowed!
  • Accountability - Players who consistently do not meet minimum requirements will be removed from the coop. Players who cannot consistently complete at least 7 tasks will be reminded of the minimum requirements and asked to opt out during future busy weeks. Assuming no communication of a special situation (family emergency, device failure, etc.), under-performing players will be removed on the 3rd warning. If something comes up, please communicate. Hint: This forum is a great way to reach out even when your phone doesn't work.
  • Dumping Tasks - All tasks under 130 will be dumped in order to allow a new cycle of higher-point tasks to refresh. Though this can mean difficulty in grabbing tasks at the very outset of the race, let's give it a try. Please be patient, and the results should be worth it! Per the survey, the great majority of the team is trying to complete at least 15 x 130 whenever available tasks allow it. The will is there, now let's make the resource available.
  • Reserving Tasks - Task reservations will be limited to the following: Factory Production, Growing Crops, Island Items (ex: olives/watermelon/fish), and Animal Produce (ex: milk/eggs/wool) Remaining tasks including HOL, zoo, animal feeding, helicopter, planes, trains and more don't require preparation and therefore will be on a first-come, first-take basis. This limitation on reservation types increases the chance of a viable task being available when busy racers check in throughout the day looking to pick up a new task, especially early in the week. NOTE: Seasonal regatta tasks vary so please use your judgement and only reserve those tasks that require preparation ahead of time. An example would be sending ships to Olivia Isle (no prep required) vs. collecting grapes from Olivia Isle (prep required). If you're not sure how to best classify a unique seasonal task, just ask in chat and we'll work together as a team to decide .

Go team!

If you would like to email Melissa (Chugcreedom) directly, please send an email to melissa AT toodarndandy.com